Ex-NFL Punter Chris Kluwe talks esports and plays Hearthstone

Welcome to N1 Esports Role Models! In this series, we chat with highly accomplished individuals who play esports as part of a balanced lifestyle.

We are so lucky to have Chris Kluwe with us for the first episode! Chris is a former NFL punter who played most of his career for the Vikings, setting multiple team records, including highest career average points. He’s also a dedicated social rights advocate who has supported social equity and freedom of speech. In addition, Chris has co-written a few books. Check out his first solo writing venture, Otaku (https://www.amazon.com/Otaku-Chris-Kl...) Chris is an avid gamer who plays games such as World of WarCraft, League of Legends, XCom, Hearthstone, and many others.

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