We design our programs around the belief that esports is more than just video games. It's the most exciting and fun way to improve cognitive performance, critical thinking, and critical life skills.


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N1 Academy is the top program in the nation for young gamers at all levels to train, compete, and grow as amateur esports athletes. Our athletes join a team, train with professional coaches, and compete in weekly matches and tournaments, all at our dedicated facility.

  • 3 Month season with playoffs and finals

  • 5-6 Players per team

  • 2 Practices per team at the gym

  • 1 Match per weekend at the gym

  • Divided by age and skill level

  • Jerseys included


Our drop-in classes cover a wide range of topics across multiple games and genres. Each class is designed to be standalone and flexible so you can join whatever, whenever. Some of our exciting classes include:

  • Fortnite Building and Editing Masterclass

  • Late Game Rotations Mastery

  • PC Building

  • FPS Aim Training

  • Super Smash Bros Ultimate Edgeguarding and Recovery

Check out our calendar and sign up for your favorites today! You must be a member to sign register.



Our bootcamps are 4-6 week intensive programs offered year-round. They follow comprehensive curriculums and are led by our professional coaches. Each session is 1.5 hours long and held once per week. They are perfect for athletes who want to learn a new game or gain an edge on their favorite titles.

Bootcamps are available for members only. We currently offer bootcamps for Fortnite, League of Legends, and Super Smash Ultimate. 

Our Platinum members receive 15% off all bootcamp tuitions. Explore all of our programs and sign up today!



2-week immersive day programs designed for esports athletes of all ages. Each day is divided into three components: gameplay improvement, physical + mental wellness, and leadership development. Gameplay improvement and physical wellness is based on our N1 Academy curriculums. Our leadership development activities are designed by our advisor and ex-special forces veteran.



  • Age groups: 10-12  |  13-15  | 16-17

  • Tuition & Length: $600 per week for 2 weeks

  • Program start dates: 6/15/20, 7/6/20

  • Days & Time: Monday - Friday from 9AM - 3PM

  • Location: 415 W. North Ave

  • Games: Fortnite, League of Legends



Our Performance Lab is a comprehensive approach to improving core gameplay mechanics. We isolate skills that apply across multiple games, like tracking, flicking, and reaction speed, and develop personalized training regimens for our athletes. Our data-driven approach tracks progress and identifies the most efficient methods to improve.

We hold monthly Performance Lab Combines where athletes compete across various skillsets to see who comes out on top. Performance Lab regimens and combine participation available for Platinum Members only.



The Esports Open League is a fun and competitive league for gamers of all ages and skill levels. We organize the teams, matches, and even highlight reels. EOL provides the best competitive esports experience with a dedicated arena, modern equipment, and shoutcasting for finals.

  • 6-week season with playoffs and finals

  • 5-6 Players per team

  • 1 Match per week at the gym

  • Divided by age and skill level


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